The tremendous advantage of knowing Christ experientially places the godly family in a sphere of successful living.  The person who knows Christ is also indwelt by and filled with the Holy Spirit, for only the Spirit knows the mind of God.  Hutchinson Missionary Baptist Church thanks each of you for taking the time to visit our website.  We look forward to greeting you when you visit one of our worship services.

The word of God is constantly telling us to love one another, even as the Lord has loved us.  This website aims to provide insight and direction to help you become even more effective in outreach, prayer, and understanding God's will and purpose for your life.  Thus, by making application of the profound and powerful word of God in the family, there will be a sweet spirit of love, joy, and unity.  The word of God is the active agent in all great families.

We also wish to welcome our new family members and express gratitude to God for guiding them to worship at Hutchinson.

Finally, we lift fervent prayers for the members of HMBC and you, our Website visitor.

Yours In Christ,


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