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Hutchinson Missionary Baptist Church

Our Church History


1900 – A group of interested Baptist Christians, who lived south of Adams Avenue and east of Decatur Street, met in a vacant building on Adams Avenue and decided that because of the difficulty in attending a church of their choice, they were going to organize a place where they could worship the Lord together.  They sought the advice of the late Dr. N. N. Neeley, who was serving as Missionary of the Southeast District Convention of the Alabama State Baptist Convention.  The group named themselves the Peoples Baptist Church.  The group later organized under the direction of Dr. Neely and named themselves the Hutchinson Street Baptist Church.  Dr. Neeley recommended Rev. J. D. Williams as the pastor.  Under the pastorate of Rev. Williams, from 1915 to 1916, the church membership reached 49.


1916 – 1931 – In 1916, Rev. J. D. Williams resigned, and the church called the Rev. G. W. Williams.  The membership grew to over 200 members.  Rev. G. W. Williams resigned in 1931.


1931 – 1933 – Rev. J. N. Hollis served the congregation for 18 months.  Under his leadership the church burned the old mortgage and constructed a new wood-framed church with the most beautiful entrance.  Rev. Hollis only accepted a mere $20.00 a week for his ministerial service. 


1934 – 1971 - Dr. H. H. Johnson was called in 1934.  Three churches were built:  one frame building on Hutchinson Street; a commodious brick structure on the same spot; and the present edifice on Grove Street.  Dr. Johnson held the distinction of serving longer than any other pastor in the church’s history.  He served untiringly and faithfully for 37 years until his death on January 24, 1971.  During Dr. Johnson’s tenure, the church was a pivotal site for Mass Meetings during the 1955-56 Bus Protest Movement; because of this involvement, the Church was mysteriously bombed at 2:00 AM on January 10, 1957.  Five other bombs exploded during this early hour and damaged several churches in Black neighborhoods throughout this city. 


1971 – 1978 – In June 1971, Rev. Henry Marion Steele answered the call to our church.  His tenure brought about significant changes and additions.  Programs were initiated to reach the youth and to improve the education ministries; auxiliaries were revitalized; and the burning of the church mortgage occurred earlier than anticipated – within the first three years of his tenure.  Rev. Steele resigned in September 1978.


1979 – 2018 – On September 1, 1979, Rev. G.W.C. Richardson began his tenure at the church.  Rev. Richardson implemented several programs, including a tutorial program for grades K-12 with certified teacher volunteers; an Evangelistic program; expanded Bible Study for children and adults; a volunteer secretarial service to provide regular church office hours; expanded recreational activities for the youth and adults; a public relations department; and a youth advisory committee.  Rev. Richardson ordained eight deacons in 1981 and throughout his tenure continued to add to the spiritual membership of the Deacon’s Ministry.


In 1987, in the church’s 87th year, the name of the church was changed from Hutchinson Street Baptist Church to Hutchinson Missionary Baptist Church.  The 88th Founder’s Day Celebration marked the first anniversary of the completion of our new sanctuary, classrooms, and the renovation of our old sanctuary to include a fellowship hall, offices, and a library/conference room. 


In the 1990’s the church family reached beyond its doors to the community through efforts such as S.T.E.P (Strategies to Elevate People), which tutored at-risk children, and a prison ministry with the Mt. Meigs Youth Facility.  The church witnessed the revitalization of activities including the Youth Choir, Adult Bible Study, the creation of Youth Church, the Singles Ministry, the Family Life Ministry, and the Senior Fellowship Ministry.     


Since 2000, several major projects have been accomplished.  The Church, through the Board of Trustees, was able to purchase land for the purpose of erecting a Family Life Center at some time in the future.  Also, major renovations were made to the exterior and interior of the Church.  The exterior of the Church was painted and received new roofing.  The Church interior was painted, new pews were purchased, a new sound system was installed, and other needed renovations were made.  Rev. Richardson mentored more than 150 ministers.  Under his spiritual guidance the church experienced an active growth in the youth membership.


In 2008, TV One completed the Restoration Room (formerly Young at Heart) on the lower level of the church.  The HMBC Development Center was established and implemented on-going activities such as assisting the youth with educational opportunities through field trips and the GED Program.  Several properties were donated to benefit the HMBC Development Center Project.  In 2012, the church completed renovations to include an office suite, improved restroom facilities, and a state-of-the-art parking lot.  Additionally, a college feeding program was launched. 

The Adult and Youth Praise Dance Ministry and the Mime Ministry were reestablished in 2013; an Emergency Task Force Team was implemented in 2014, and security cameras were installed to protect the members of the church.  Due to health reasons, in August 2018, Rev. Richardson retired after having served faithfully for 39 years. 


2019 – 2020 - From February 2019 to March 2020, Rev. T’Dera Jarman served as our Interim Pastor, leading us with grace and love. 


2020 – 2022 – On March 22, 2020, Rev. Courtney D. Meadows began his tenure and served for 22 months.  Rev. Meadows successfully navigated the congregation through a global pandemic.  As the Coronavirus (Covid-19) ravaged the world, local businesses, churches, and schools were temporarily closed.  Although the congregation did not assemble for some time, Rev. Meadows ushered the church into a new social media era (YouTube, Facebook, etc.) to maintain fellowship and communication within the congregation.  Rev. Meadows implemented a daily morning prayer call, connecting members and families across the country.  During his tenure, several major projects were accomplished, including the completion of roof repairs, major upgrades to the air conditioning and heating system, the sound and technology systems, and our electrical infrastructure.  There was also an intentional reduction of some major debts and an increase in membership even during our virtual worship.  Additionally, the church facilitated several major community events, including voting campaigns, vaccination and health clinics, and food drives.  Rev. Meadows’ service ended on January 30, 2022.


2022 - 2023 - From April 2022 to June 2023, Reverend Anderson Ayers served as our Interim Pastor, providing Hutchinson with fervent pray and grace.  His quiet spiritual leadership provided strength during a prayerful pastoral search.


In March 2023, Hutchinson embarked on an historic Prayer and Fasting Week.  Lead by Deacon Board Chairman Timothy Dixon and the Pastoral Search Committee, the congregation committed to a week of prayer and fasting as we sought our pastor according to the scripture.


On June 4, 2023 - Rev. Cameron R. Thomas, began his tenure working to restore and reset many of the nuances that makes Hutchinson Baptist Church a historic part of the Montgomery (AL) community.  His installation service on August 26, 2023, signaled the beginning of a new era for Hutchinson.   




Historical Journey

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