Church Services Suspended

Hutchinson Community:

As we follow the developments of COVID-19 both nationally and more importantly locally, it is evident, we must continue to practice “social distancing” to fidelity.  This we do to error on the side of caution as this virus is continually spreading throughout our landscape.  Additionally, we simply do not want to place any of our members at risk.  Having said that, we have decided to cancel Sunday services, midday and evening Bible Study until further notice.  Pastor Meadows will continue to provide the word via various mediums.  Additionally, your assigned Deacons will be contacting members to simply check-in. 

We will continue to follow the guidelines and recommendations as put out by the State and Local Healthcare Officials.  No one but our Lord knows what damage a virus such as this may cause so we will continue to pray one for another and remember your church family is here for you in times such as this.